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Introducing the Ninth Minnesota Member of the American Academy of Floriculture

We are proud to announce that Lynne Tischler, instructor at Koehler & Dramm Institute of Floristry, is now the ninth member in Minnesota in The American Academy of Floriculture!

Established in 1965, the American Academy of Floriculture (AAF) recognizes industry members who meet the Academy’s high standards of service to their industry and community. Nomination and acceptance into the Academy is open to qualified persons in all segments of the industry. Current Academy members include retailers, wholesalers, growers, educators, scientists, designers, and business persons in allied services.

This criteria is the minimum criteria for applicants for admission to the American Academy of Floriculture. Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically confer membership in AAF, nor does it guarantee admission to AAF.

The general criteria includes letters of reference, both personal and professional, letters of reference from AAF-accredited members, and they must have worked full time in the industry for a designated time. The applicant must be associated with a member in good standing, which is the Institute of Floristry for Lynne.

The applicants must also meet a series of community service criteria. For Lynne, this is achieved by being actively involved in her local, state, and national communities from her home, shop, and neighborhood to the national scene. Lynne has been involved with various areas of design for several churches, committed to winning neighborhood awards for beautification of her shop, has been involved with extensive community service work, and was invited to design for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. She was also invited back to design for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in 2017.

Lynne fulfilled her Industry Support Criteria by serving on local and state boards. She attends all of the educational programs that she can to improve her knowledge and competence in the floral business, and she teaches others about the industry at KDIOF. Lynne is published, she is one of the primary instructors at KDIOF, she has designed and commentated design programs, and visited high schools and colleges to help educate them about opportunities in the floral industry. Lynne has been invited to be a guest designer for some of the most prestigious floral events in the nation, including the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show.

Lynne will be officially inducted at the awards ceremony held at the SAF convention in September 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida. Congratulations to Lynne from all of us at here K&D and KDIOF! Visit for more information.

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