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Class Information

Classroom Details
Courses will be conducted in the Education Center located inside the Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist facility in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota.
• The classroom is located at the end of Aisle 1
• Enter through Door A located by Dock #1 (opens at 7:0
0 am).
• Storage cabinets, coat hooks, high-backed stools, worktables, and floor stress mats are available for each student
• Students design in a standing position
• Each student will be responsible for his/her own work area for cleanliness and safety
• Students are responsible for all of their items left in the building
• Smoking is not allowed in the building or near doorways; this facility fully complies with fire safety regulations
• For all-day courses, there will be two 15-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break
• Students may bring their own lunches or purchase off-site; food vending machines, microwaves, a refrigerator, and a Keurig coffee maker (K-Cups are available for purchase in the vending room).

Required Tools
Every student must provide each of the following:
• Small, sharp non-serrated knife
• Ribbon (fabric) scissors
• Wire cutter
Tools may be brought from home or students may purchase professional quality tools at wholesale prices from Koehler & Dramm on the first day of class, after the tool identification portion of the course is complete. Tool costs vary; students spend anywhere from $50
 to over $90, depending on what they desire/need. The 9.025% Minneapolis State Sales Tax will be added to the tool costs. Wholesale tool prices are subject to change. Koehler & Dramm sells an extensive line of tools for students who wish to purchase additional items for the advanced courses (i.e., heavy-duty wire cutters for the Permanent Botanicals course.)



Recommended Items to Bring
Some students find it helpful to bring:
• Notebook & pen
• Camera
• Apron
• Hand towel
• Large plastic bags to take your arrangements home

• Lunch/dinner/snacks


Zoom Classes
Students may take classes via Zoom once the instructors see the student's comprehension level (usually after three in-house classes.)
Products sent out for Zoom classes will include delivery fee to the student.


Course Dates
Please note that all course dates are subject to change. A minimum of 6 students is needed for a class to take place.


If you registered online, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment. Shipping information is required for data purposes only; registration will not be mailed to you. Please be prepared to show proof of enrollment on the first day of class, either in the form of your printed registration confirmation, or on your mobile device.


There is a $15 fee for copies of student transcripts. Please submit your request to or call 612-362-3133.

Cell Phone Use
Phone calls and texting are NOT allowed during class time. You may use your phone in class for pictures only. Please wait until you are given a break or lunch to use your phone for communication. Exceptions will be granted only in the event of an emergency.


Our desks are 6 feet apart, back to front. Our classroom size is a maximum of 12 students, with 2 students per desk three feet apart. We do monitor the MDH website for case increases.  Anyone who tests positive is welcome to come back after five days, wearing a mask for one week. Any student or instructor is welcome to wear a mask during class at any time. We do have an air purifier running in our classroom. as well. 

Grading & Attendance
While there are no letter grades or exams given, students will be receiving an evaluation during each course on their comprehension of the application of the design skills being taught. For each skill, the instructor and the student will indicate where the student is with the design skills. This Skill Evaluation Form will be given to each student upon completion of each course to provide feedback to that student on their comprehension levels and identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Attendance is important. You must inform the office if you will be absent for any of the course hours or days. If a student misses any hours, he/she must make-up the hours to satisfactorily complete the course. A make-up request form, located outside of the classroom, must be filled out, turned in and confirmed within five business days of when the form was issued, or make-up time will not be allotted. The student may attend missed hours at the next same course scheduled if there is room in the course.

Complaint Procedure
For complaints, please contact Lee Spence, president of Koehler & Dramm, at 612.362.3108.

Complaints may also be made to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education: 1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 350, St. Paul, MN 55108-5227 at 651.259.3975.

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