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Earn Your Diploma

Any student who successfully completes the 400 required credit hours of education receives their Diploma of Floral Arts & Sciences (DOFAS) and becomes a Professional Floral Designer (PFD)! This step is a beginning pathway to becoming AIFD (certified by the American Institute of Floral Designers), and is a sought-after distinction by shop owners worldwide. The floral industry is a highly competitive field, and earning your Diploma through KDIOF will give you an advantage over designers who do not seek their PFD.

With KDIOF, you can earn your PFD on your own terms. With many class options available, we give you the freedom to learn at your own pace, which is ideal for students who already work full or part time, have families and other time commitments, and those who have additional obligations to fulfill. Our only requirement is that the diploma program is completed within three years of your date of enrollment.

We'll work with you to determine the best track to PFD for your schedule and your life.

Download and print our PFD Credits Tracker here.

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