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Workshops & Short Courses

The floral industry is ever-evolving with the trends and seasons. This means that our classes are also ever-changing. Classes are geared toward classic designs but also trending styles, which means you will never take the same class twice! Floristry 1: Foundations is the pre-requisite for all other courses, excluding Floral Design Introduction. You may test out of Floristry 1 if your skill level allows. Please contact Cheryl in KDIOF’s administrative office to make arrangements.

Fast Track Floristry 1: Foundations

This is an accelerated version of the Foundations course. Students will explore wedding, funeral, and event designing with an introduction into the principles and elements of design to prepare students to create their own floral arrangements. This course will cover the fundamentals of caring and preparation of flowers and tools. Students will learn core techniques for creating vase and bouquet arrangements as well as corsage and boutonnieres. *If students would like to learn about the plants and business tools necessary to create a thriving and profitable operation while learning to utilize Koehler & Dramm’s purchasing system, they should take the full Floristry 1: Foundations course.


Total Credit Hours: 24
Price: $495

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Permanent Botanical Design

This class will go in depth on all that permanent and dry botanicals have to offer. Students will be taught to identify and create refined designs with permanent botanicals while exploring the history of permanent and dried flowers. They will also learn the tools and mechanics of working with dried and permanent botanicals while understanding how to prepare the flowers. Students will learn to use and create a design recipe based on the current trends and seasons. The tools needed for the Permanent Botanicals course include: a heavy-duty wire cutter, a smaller wire cutter, ribbon, scissors, and a knife. This course is unique it meets for 8 hours once a month. Students will sign up for 5 days on 5 different months equaling out to be a 40 hour course. This class has a lab fee.


Total Credit Hours: 8/day

Price: $165 + lab fee

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Business Operations and Profitability 

This course will cover a wide range of business topics. The class will be held as a round table discussion while gaining hands on experience. A team of associates will join the class to give a broad range of insight and expertise. Students will learn the pros and cons of working with wire services and understanding the logistics involved in delivery and pricing. This course will look at taxes, reporting financial strategies, and how to pay assistants. It will also go over marketing campaigns, website, and social media skills to help students grow their business. Students will learn about directing the flow of goods, managing inventory, and becoming a valuable player in the global economy.

Total Credit Hours: 16

Price: $469

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Potter’s Bench Profits

This course will focus on plants. Students will learn to arrange with plants using Dish and European Garden designs. An expansion on plant identification and care are necessary to help students sell their plants to customers. The class will discuss the care and handling of orchids to help keep them in tip top shape. Students will learn how to serve corporate accounts, how to find those accounts, and how to cater to those companies using plants.

Total Credit Hours: 16

Price: $469

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Advanced Design Workshops

Advanced Design Workshops are for students who have taken some of the floristry design classes, including Floristry 1. In this class students will dig deeper into design styles including advanced principles and elements and design techniques.

Total Credit Hours: 4 each

Price: $260 each

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Floral Design Introduction

The most popular beginner's class in town! Floral Design Introduction is a hands-on opportunity for coaching and skill development. It is a great way to increase your abilities and knowledge in an informal class format. These classes are affordable and you get to take your design home. Bring a friend for a fun and educational evening! The classes are held once a month on a weekday evening.

Total Credit Hours: No credit

Price: $49 each

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Outdoor and Indoor Planters

This course will focus on indoor and outdoor planters, a popular addition to many homes, storefronts, restaurants, offices, and more, which will enable students to expand their design skills to better serve corporate clientele.  Students will learn about many different types of plants, care and handling procedures, decorative components and design techniques. They will discuss the best strategies to serve any client, whether they are a residential or commercial account. Indoor plants as well as garden plants will be covered. This class includes lecture, application, and discussion. Students will learn all aspects of how to serve corporate accounts, including prospecting, sales, and service.

Class dates are in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons

Total Credit Hours: 4

Price: $260

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