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Enrollment & Eligibility

All students who have a strong interest in floral design and are at least 16 years of age. There is no application process or fee for standard registration.

Credit Transfer
If you have not completed Floristry 1: Foundations, but have completed a basic course at an approved floral-instructed school, or have five or more years design experience in the floral industry, please call 800.298.0495 to have the Primary Instructor determine if you pre-qualify to take any course following Floristry 1: Foundations. Once you have been pre-approved by the Instructor, you will be sent our written application form to be returned with two letters of floral design experience recommendation and a $50 application fee. The submitted application will then be evaluated and the student will be contacted if he/she is qualified to enroll in any advanced courses without enrolling in Floristry 1: Foundations. Please allow approximately two weeks turnaround time for the phone interview and application process.

Enrollment Policies
Courses fill up quickly, so register early to reserve your selected date. Enrollment is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Each course is limited to 12 students maximum. Prospective students are not allowed to attend any course without pre-registering. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or money order. Tax will not be added to tuition. For pre-registration, students may pay either the $100 deposit or the full balance due. If a credit card is used to pay a deposit, KDIOF will not automatically charge the balance of any tuition owed without the consent of the payer.

Upon receipt of the registration form and deposit, a prospective student’s course space will be held and a confirmation letter (and invoice, if applicable) will be mailed. The confirmation letter will contain information of the final date that any balance due must be received by our office. (For example: if a course begins on a Monday, the balance must be in our office on or before the Wednesday prior; if a course begins on a Tuesday, the balance must be in our office on or before the Thursday prior.) If the student does not attend the first day of any day course or the first two evenings of any evening course, and has not informed the Institute of Floristry’s office of the absence, the Institute of Floristry has the right to fill the seat with another student. We reserve the right to cancel any course due to the enrollment level or unforeseen circumstances. A minimum of six students is required to run a course as scheduled. Students who have paid tuition or registration fees for a course that was canceled will receive a complete refund.

Course dates are subject to change. Please call to verify dates before enrolling (the Institute of Floristry will inform the enrolled students of the change(s), if applicable). With Koehler & Dramm’s Institute of Floristry being a private institute, we do not offer financial aid. If a student has received a gift certificate for a course, the student must include the certificate with a registration form and follow pre-registration requirements. The Refunds & Cancellation Policy will apply to Gift Certificates if a student needs to cancel a course for which he/she is registered. Tools must be brought or purchased if not included in the certificate’s value (please read the Class Information page).

Registration closes the Wednesday prior to the class start date.

There will be a $20 fee for any non-sufficient funds check received.

NEW! Payment Plan Option
We are asked if we have a payment plan option at the school. We do and you would fill out the paperwork with our CFO.

Job Center/Employer Enrollment
A Minnesota or private Job Center/Employer that is enrolling a student must adhere to the following conditions: A Koehler & Dramm Customer Application form will need to be submitted to Koehler & Dramm’s Credit Department. The Enrollment Procedures must be adhered to, with the exception that in place of a registration fee, an authorization form can be sent to hold a student’s place in class. A student’s place in class cannot be held without either the registration fee or an authorization form that promises payment will be forthcoming.

If the Job Center/ Employer is combining many courses onto one Purchase Order, please itemize the Purchase Order to clarify which courses the student prefers. An invoice for class, tools, or both can be issued to the Job Center/Employer from our office. Full payment is due on or before two business days before the first day of class.

Please email authorizations to

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