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The most popular Thursday class in town! Floral Design Introduction is a hands-on opportunity for coaching and skill development. It is a great way to increase your abilities and knowledge in an informal class format. These classes are affordable and you get to take your design home. Bring a friend for a fun and educational evening! The classes are held once a month on Thursday evenings.
Class begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 7:30 pm.


January 11: Tropical Breezes with Reba

March 14: Easterly with Diane

April 11: Resplendant Plants with Reba

June 13: Spring has Sprung  with Diane

July 11:  Up North with Reba

August 8: Summerland with Diane

September 12: Autumn Glimpses with Reba

October 10: Hallowed Botanicals with Diane

November 14: Simply Thanksgiving with Diane

December 12: Wintergreening for Holiday Joy with Reba


Total Credit Hours: No credit

Price: $49 each

Floral Design Introduction

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