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This class includes a compilation of information to raise the level of expertise for a judge, a designer, an exhibitor. Congratulations to you for choosing to raise this level and apply the information and techniques to be comfortable judging competitions from the local level to the international level. 

Designers have an eye for the principles & elements of design.
With this class,  you will review these principles and elements and expand, going over the process of preparing to judge, important procedures, courtesy, objectivity, tools, speed and various examples of scoring.


Lastly, we will cover the levels of judges.


It sounds like a lot; but you will see the flow of it, and realize the importance for our communities to continue to increase their  abilities and knowledge by providing feedback. We all need feedback to grow and learn.


Bring your pencils and camera!


Instructor: Tiffany Hammond AIFD

Time: 5:00-9:00 pm



The Importance of Judging

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