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  • Lynne Tischler CPFD

Why Valentine’s Day Shouldn't Scare You

At the beginning of my career I lived in a small town and large events were few and far between. Valentine’s Day offered a large volume of flowers needing to be processed and designed. I loved how beautiful the cooler and trucks looked with all the arrangements lined up for delivery.

As the years went on, serving repeat clients became my biggest joy and challenge. It is my day to shine by showing them how I can use their sweetheart’s favorite flower in a different way every year to bring a smile to their valentine’s face. It is very satisfying to see how people express their love – whether it is a little boy picking flowers for his grandma or a husband choosing something for his wife. I get to be a part of that expression by designing magnificent and meaningful arrangements.

As an owner, I get to share this day with my crew and I’m so grateful and proud of how well we work together to serve the needs of our customers. We are a fine-tuned machine from processing and designing to packing and delivering all with a smile. It is one of the few times that the whole team gets to work together. It is a chance to take advantage of each person’s strengths as well as see old friends return to help out on this busy day.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to build relationships within my neighborhood. I love the diversity of the clientele that we get at the shop and the pleasure it is to serve and create for them. I look at this time as an opportunity to introduce them to the delightful enticing world of flowers and plants. It is a great way to show that other flowers, not just roses, can say “I love you” and plant the seed for future repeat business.

Lynne Tischler CPFD

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