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2018 Designer of the Year Student Exhibition

Details for the 2018 Floral Designer of the Year Competition have recently been announced, and we are so excited about the Student Exhibition theme for this year: Topiary Jamboree!

Entering the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to flex your design muscles and develop your skills in a competitive atmosphere without the stress of being up against your fellow students for a score, or the pressure of winner/loser status. The Exhibition is structured just like the Professional Level Competition in that the panel of judges still evaluates each design and completes a score sheet, but scores are not made public, and no winner is announced, aside from a People's Choice Award, which is not determined by the judges, but rather guests at Koehler & Dramm's Fall & Winter Classic Design Show who have the opportunity to view the exhibition and vote for their favorite design. We highly recommend participating in the student exhibition, and it is a requirement if you are enrolled in the Diploma/CPFD track.

The Student Exhibition will be held at this year's Fall & Winter Classic Design Show and Trade Fair on September 30th, 2017 alongside the preliminary round of the professional competition. You get to create a design with full creative freedom within the parameters of the exhibition rules that fits this year's Topiary Jamboree theme!

Entry to the exhibition is FREE when you register to attend the Fall & Winter Classic Design Show, which is featuring the one and only Francoise Weeks as the guest designer! Francoise is a brilliant designer and instructor with a distinct intricate woodland style. She is a wealth of knowledge, and her presentation is not one to be missed! More details will soon be available.

Click here to view the rules and entry guidelines for the student exhibition, and we look forward to seeing your work!

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